Secure Checklist

Checklist to keep your information secure


  1. My mailbox has a locking device.___
  2. I put all my outgoing mail into a postal mailbox.___
  3. I shred all unwanted documents containing my personal information.___
  4. I use a good quality cross-cut shredder.___
  5. I only carry payment cards I need daily.___
  6. I know exactly what identity-containing cards, documents, and other items are in my purse or wallet at all times.___
  7. I memorize all my PINs.___
  8. I shield keypads when entering passwords.___
  9. I change my PINs and passwords often.___
  10. I use strong passwords; 10-12 characters in length, a mix of lower and upper case letters, digits, and special characters.___
  11. I carry my Social Security card only when absolutely necessary.___
  12. I am very cautious about sharing by Social Security number.___
  13. I don’t share personal information with unknown callers.___
  14. I never click on pop-up windows.___
  15. I close pop-ups by clicking on the x in the title bar.___
  16. I don’t click on links included in emails from unknown senders.___
  17. Before using ATMs and sales terminals, I check for skimming devices.___
  18. I always take receipts, safely store them, and shred them when no longer needed.___
  19. I don’t autosave login information.___
  20. I stay alert to risks when traveling.___
  21. My computer and devices have anti-virus programs.___
  22. I stay on top of updating operating systems and software.___
  23. I read all disclosure information before downloading software.___
  24. I limit what I share on networking sites.___
  25. I have taken steps to secure my at-home wireless network.___
  26. I make sure my mobile devices don’t automatically connect to nearby Wi-Fi.___
  27. I always log off an account and close my browser when finished with an online transaction.___
  28. I am careful about securely storing personal items I bring to my workplace.___
  29. I don’t store personal information or access personal accounts on work computers or devices.___
  30. I keep all computer and internet-related security and privacy settings at strong, identity-protecting levels.___


If most or all of these statements are true for you, you’re doing a good job in preventing identity theft.  If some statements aren’t true, consider how you can better protect yourself and your financial information.